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The following product is still under development, awaiting full beta testing.

Textsheet (provisional name)

Textsheet is a new concept product which is similar to a spreadsheet but is dedicated to text (ASCII characters). The primary purpose of the program is to convert tabular, space-separated, data into tab-delimited data, but it also contains several repair and enhancement tools which are invaluable when the incoming data is incorrectly or ambiguously formatted. The tool can also be used to correct OCR errors. The great thing about Textsheet is that the tools are all FAST. Blocks of data can be shifted between columns with a single key-stroke or button press. All editing is on blocks of data not lines. A block of data can be selected and each line can be replaced with the same text

Sorting by column maintains the order of previous sorts so that the program can be used as a simple information analysis tool.

Textsheet does not contain text formatting features other than changing font size and type. All fonts are displayed in fixed proportion pitch to greatly help the correct location of columns.

Powerful features include:

  • Column cut and paste
  • Block editing (rather than by line)
  • Bulk fill or replace (insert the same text in multiple lines)
  • Fast sorting (ascending and descending)
  • Shortest low sorting (based on string length) option
  • Shift text to next/previous column
  • Reverse within a column (useful for reversing the order of dates)
  • Merge lines by column
  • Convert to Tabbed (stripping out redundant spaces, a great space saver)
  • Strip HTML (converts a Web Page into a tabbed table)

If you are interested in trying Textsheet please e-mail me.

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