Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge


These buttons control the commonly used features of the game.

short cuts

In order they are:

  • Deal a new hand.
  • Save a hand.
  • Restore a saved hand.
  • Exit.
  • Show bidding.
  • Show last trick.
  • Show all hands.
  • Award remaining tricks to the declarer.
  • Award remaining tricks to the defence.
  • Restart the current trick.
  • Give a hint. This is shown better in the bidding interface.
  • Help on bidding.
  • Resume play.


Winning Bridge supports Acol and American Standard basic bidding systems with options such as Stayman, Blackwood, Gerber, etc. All bidding options can be used in the shareware version. Each partnership can use different systems and options.

Bids are entered through a bidding board, which only allows valid bids. This link shows an example of the bidding interface.


Cards are played either using the mouse or keyboard. This link shows an example of the play interface.

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