Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge

These Help pages can be downloaded here with the Winning Bridge Shareware game for Microsoft Windows 95+.

If you would rather read a book, take a look at the Help Index page for some suggestions.

Acol - Responding to a Preempt

When considering your response to a preemptive open by your partner you should count tricks rather than points.

Count tricks as follows:

Any of A, K or Q in partner's suit: 1 trick each.

Any other ace: count 1 trick

Any other King: holding the ace or queen in the suit count 1 trick otherwise count as half a trick

Any queen in a suit where you also hold the ace but not the king count half a trick, if you hold the king as well count as a trick.

With support for your partners suit (minimum 3 card excluding winners in the suit): with a singleton count 1 trick; with a void count two tricks.

Only raise your partner's suit if you can offer 4 tricks when non-vulnerable or 3 tricks when vulnerable. Do not raise unless it is to game or to a slam.

Do not bid your own suit unless it is overwhelmingly good.

If your partner has bid a minor suit, consider a bid of 3NT if you have controls in the other suits and at least 2 cards in partner's suit.